Doctorpedia’s custom solutions help doctors share their medical expertise with bite-sized videos for their own patients and a global audience.

With our products and platform, doctors can share videos online, in the waiting room, and through messaging tools to support patients pre op, post op, and after discharge.

Prescription Videos

Prescription Videos help doctors save time and prepare, educate, and empower their patients at each step of the doctor-patient interaction.

With this product, doctors can either produce their own videos with our easy-to-use publishing tools or select content from our existing library.

The videos seamlessly integrate into patient portals, EHRs, and messaging tools for doctors and offices to share relevant information with patients.

Prescription Videos

Prescription Videos answer frequently asked questions that doctors routinely answer and are specific to patient needs:

  • In the Waiting Room - Patients develop trust and comfort with their doctors by watching videos that prepare them for the visit.
  • In the Clinic - Doctors don’t have to repeat concepts with each patient or explain what they already learned in the videos, reducing burnout and saving time.
  • After Discharge - Patients, caregivers, and loved ones can refer to videos when they need answers about next steps, follow ups, lifestyle tips, and more.
Schedule a call with our team to get started
Schedule a call with our team to get started
Care Journeys

Health information is not one size fits all. Patients have different practical and emotional needs based on when they were diagnosed, how long they’ve had the condition, and other factors.

Doctorpedia’s care journeys guide a person on our website through a condition from A-Z with step by step videos from doctors who specialize in the area.

Working with Doctorpedia
  • Our team of digital media experts help write, produce, and distribute videos on our websiteand social media platforms
  • Our post-production team will edit the footage into bite-sized videos and add key elements to help users understand and digest important points
  • The patient-friendly experience is customized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users
Our products help the majority of doctors and patients
  • 80% of Americans go online to learn about their health
  • 63% of patients say that the waiting room is the most stressful part of a doctor visit
  • Over 50% of physicians experience burnout symptoms
  • 89% of patients don’t have enough time with their doctors
  • 2/3 Americans are not confident that they understood their doctor’s recommendations
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