Our digital platform provides a suite of opportunities for hospitals,health systems, clinics and doctor groups to increase patient volume and satisfaction, save doctors' time and cut costs.

With Doctorpedia, you can unleash your digital potential while sharing your medical expertise with both your current patients and new ones.

Our platform helps you produce and distribute health information videos for a better patient experience.

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With over 6,000 videos to choose from, hospitals and clinics can utilize our distribution platform to share educational and marketing videos, or can produce their own libraries.
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You can reach patients at home, in the waiting room, pre- and post- op or upon discharge - whenever you need to reach them.
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With Doctorpedia, you can unleash your digital potential and share your medical expertise with your patients.

We have a team of producers and digital media experts who specialize in producing, optimizing, and distributing videos made by doctors like you.

We help hospitals and doctors create videos that reach patients wherever they are. Each video is tailor-made for its audience and our videos have been seen over 10 million engagements across all digital platforms.
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We work with organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and consumer brand industries to produce digital advertising and sponsorship solutions that effectively reach a hyper-targeted set of doctors and patients to increase brand awareness and engagement.
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