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Doctorpedia is the leading way to streamline your patient's care that helps you focus on the bespoke support they deserve.

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We help doctors communicate with patients by allowing you to share videos when patients need them - at home, in the waiting room, and upon discharge.
We amplify doctors' voices by helping you reach patients with clear and concise videos that are relevant to their specific needs.

As a doctor, you get access to a platform to both produce and distribute short educational videos to your patients during key moments in their care journey. Your personalized videos improve understanding and outcomes while saving you valuable time.

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We are a passionate community of doctors who believe that everyone should have access to simple, evidence-based healthcare information.

Doctorpedia helps patients cut through the clickbait and noise with bite-sized videos from trusted doctors at every step of their health journey.

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Douglas Walled, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
Jacqueline Eubany, MD
Sanjay Juneja, MD
Karyn Eilber, MD
Doctors can access the world's largest selection of already-produced videos. Over 6,000 doctor-led healthcare videos that our community has already produced.
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Joseph J. Bennett, MD
“Doctorpedia is going to be an extension of the doctor’s office visit and completely enhance the patient experience beyond anything currently available.  Every patient is happier when they feel supported and empowered.”
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- The "Silent Killer"
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